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Posted by W-P-S - May 11th, 2009


Posted by W-P-S - April 24th, 2009

Well, I'm going to Italy,
I'm leaving on sunday and I'll stay there for a week


I'm going to Italy

Posted by W-P-S - April 17th, 2009

But I sincerely don't give a fuck

movie time:

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Young Thomas Hussein Fulp managed to make one as well:
http://www.xtranormal.com/watch?e=2009 0417151528651

http://kilifvak.deviantart.com/a rt/Piz zaface-119107750

Positive thinking: The ultimate cure for cancer? Neu Germanisch Medizin thinks it is!

Posted by W-P-S - April 9th, 2009

soldering irons are like
an extension
of a man's soul

same goes for guitars


Posted by W-P-S - April 1st, 2009

Honolable westeln Amelicans and Eulopeans,

Capitalism is not the way which leads you to gleat gloly and self lespect, no
Gleat Mao, showed us way to communism!
we ale one!

Let us poison babies fol gleatel gloly!
Stalting with baby Fulp
too many babies bad fol gleat honolable Chinese economy

China gleat countly of many gleat fleedoms

Posted by W-P-S - March 21st, 2009



Posted by W-P-S - March 18th, 2009

how rude:

"You have been permanently banned from submitting Portal reviews.
This is a result of the review you left for Analytical Clip #1 on 3/18/09 at 3:38:47 AM:

Score: 0 / 10
Summary: hey kid
Review: I know I have some kind of personality, or mild autistic like disorder but SHUT THE FUCK UP.
You people won't last in the real world, if you act like this. I've made a big change from being a guy who was acquainted with most of you to becoming an angered person because of what I was bottling up inside me.
Now SHUT THE FUCK UP, especially you Michelle! Because what I'm saying is basically a rant.
I get angered easily when ignorant people like you spew out such TRASH!
Go to a psychiatrist hospital, and compare those people with me! I've known people who have ended up in there! Let me tell you, I'm not like them at all!

-MrBlue/PigletsMemories, the talentless assburgerkid

The moderator life gave the following reason for the ban:

"Not a funny or interesting troll. You're pretty much an idiot imo."

also, permanent?
who does dis kid think he is?
I'm the fucking gangsta pimp

MrBluePencil (8:16:19): at least I'm more civilized
schuurmeisterw (8:16:24): HAHAHAAAHAHA
MrBluePencil (8:16:26): and stable
schuurmeisterw (8:16:29): atleast ur not
schuurmeisterw (8:16:32): a senseless prick
MrBluePencil (8:16:38): you don't know me dude
schuurmeisterw (8:16:42): lmao
schuurmeisterw (8:16:45): thank god
MrBluePencil (8:16:46): and you're from the Netherlands
schuurmeisterw (8:16:53): and you're from America
schuurmeisterw (8:16:57): or something
schuurmeisterw (8:17:01): i dont really give a shit
MrBluePencil (8:17:02): yeah
MrBluePencil (8:17:15): you'd probably have more respect for me if I were Dutch
MrBluePencil (8:17:17): you're a nationalist
schuurmeisterw (8:17:24): i wouldnt give a shit lma
schuurmeisterw (8:17:35): i dont have respect for you coz you're a faggot piece of shit
MrBluePencil (8:17:37): I remember the BOMB ENGLAND
MrBluePencil (8:17:39): topics
MrBluePencil (8:17:42): you are too
schuurmeisterw (8:17:50): bombing england is nic
MrBluePencil (8:17:51): also you thought the
MrBluePencil (8:17:55): Australian fires were funny
schuurmeisterw (8:18:01): they were!
MrBluePencil (8:18:08): I think if anybody needs to be send
MrBluePencil (8:18:11): to the house
MrBluePencil (8:18:13): it's you
schuurmeisterw (8:18:20): roflmaOOO
schuurmeisterw (8:18:36): maaan
schuurmeisterw (8:18:39): the forestfires
schuurmeisterw (8:18:41): were awesome
schuurmeisterw (8:18:50): all the kangaroos dyin
MrBluePencil (8:18:58): hopefully an arsonist gets
MrBluePencil (8:18:59): Netherlands
MrBluePencil (8:19:04): you'll be laughing
MrBluePencil (8:19:13): when your house is charred to black
schuurmeisterw (8:19:14): lmao yes
schuurmeisterw (8:19:20): wait no
schuurmeisterw (8:19:23): they wont do dat
schuurmeisterw (8:19:24): coz
schuurmeisterw (8:19:28): my house is entirely made
schuurmeisterw (8:19:30): out of asbestos
MrBluePencil (8:19:45): I see
MrBluePencil (8:19:48): whatever
MrBluePencil (8:19:54): let's say you're wallking on the street
MrBluePencil (8:19:57): and you get shot in the head
MrBluePencil (8:19:59): would you laugh?
schuurmeisterw (8:20:01): yes
schuurmeisterw (8:20:03): no wait
MrBluePencil (8:20:04): while you're in a coma
schuurmeisterw (8:20:05): i would die
MrBluePencil (8:20:05): still living
MrBluePencil (8:20:16): well you can't and you'd still be alive
schuurmeisterw (8:20:28): Stalin: one death is a tragedy, a million deaths are a number
schuurmeisterw (8:20:42): so basicly, my death would be more tragic than the australian forest fires
schuurmeisterw (8:20:54): also because i am more important that a few hundred australians
MrBluePencil (8:21:54): ok
schuurmeisterw (8:22:01): fact bitcccchh
MrBluePencil (8:22:09): I need to stop wasting my time
MrBluePencil (8:22:13): good. bye.
schuurmeisterw (8:22:15): k
schuurmeisterw (8:22:16): NO
MrBluePencil signed off at 8:22:17.
mrbluepencil is offline and will receive your IMs when signing back in.
schuurmeisterw (8:22:17): STAY

lmao, i love fucking with that stupid kid

p.s. Asbestos Man, almighty champion of GOOR

A review mod called me an idiot

Posted by W-P-S - March 12th, 2009

amsterdam meet
was quite neat
could only be there for about 2 days but w/e!!
I got to meet my online gf Catoblepas!

This is what the Amsterdam meet was like:

/* */

Also, I got accepted at the Willem de Kooning academy!
So yeh, next year I'll be in Rotterdam.
I showed them this and this.

Next to that, I would like to say that I'm busy with extremely secret things
Very very extremely secret things
That I can not mention
not even a little bit

Here's some ghosts:

I strangled a proud musk ox, while gazing into the mighty Siberian night

Posted by W-P-S - February 27th, 2009

Posted by W-P-S - February 10th, 2009

it got 53 comments so far
quite an accomplishment!