2009-09-11 14:27:29 by W-P-S

nekrotherium.kom, zion of the internet, paradize of zyberspace

Also I'm bored,
so ask me questions
doesnt matter what kind
I will answer them

unless your question is fucking stupid



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2009-09-11 14:38:25

have you taken art classes?

and also
why do fools fall in love?

W-P-S responds:

Art classes?
well i had drawing class at high school
and that kind of stuff
it was fun but i didnt really learn a lot from it

I'm studying animation now at the willem de kooning academy of rotterdam, i got all sorts of artsy classes there.

but uhhh.. if you mean external classes or anything then no not really.. so far im mostly an autodidact when it comes to art and animation

also fools fall in love because people with a lower intelligence have better social skills, this is why idiots breed like rabbits


2009-09-11 14:46:32

is that is a fucking stupid question?

W-P-S responds:

in a relative universe everything can be considered fucking stupid, however seeing as my opinion is absolute and that i am the all controlling force in the corporeal realm and the champion of mortal men, my words are true and those who do not follow me are vile drugvan


2009-09-11 14:47:48

Fools fall in love, because they assume that attraction is the same as love. Misinterpreting the situation leads to poor judgement, and this judgement causes their social labelling as 'fools'.

True love is a mental bond, and can exist between either genders.

W-P-S responds:

i already answered it for him you bastard! ):<


2009-09-11 14:52:02


W-P-S responds:



2009-09-11 14:56:15

Have you ever sat on your hand til it went numb, then pleasured yourself, pretending it was someone else?

W-P-S responds:

only while looking at pictures of unborn children


2009-09-11 15:36:55

I'd like to personally meet Whalejew. Where in the ocean will he be at around 6 p.m. on Sunday?

W-P-S responds:

hed be devouring planktonbagels with seapickles


2009-09-11 16:02:15

Do you make 3D art often (like that stop-motion doll thingy)?

W-P-S responds:

Well not as often as i used to
I do keep on experimenting with stop motion whenever i got the time


2009-09-11 16:22:00

Will you make Anusboy 3?

W-P-S responds:

perhaps... i can't really promise anything
i do got lots of ideas for a third part
Anusboy is a great character to work with, pretty much because he is pretty innocent and doesnt have an additude or anything

I have also been thinking about making a possibly encyclopedia or bestiarium about anusboy, seeing as the whole idea and world of anusboy is pretty clear to me but that im not really able to push it all into a flash

but yeh im not promising anything, because it aint rare that when i promise something it fucks up


2009-09-11 17:02:25

Is this question so fucking stupid you won't answer?
Do you feel like turning anusboy into a series?
What are you wearing?

W-P-S responds:

2. I feel like it, I really do, but I don't trust myself enough to promise that it will be a series, because I come up with new improved(?) ideas pretty quickly
3. nothin special, jeans and a polo shirt


2009-09-11 17:10:50

you like dawgs ?

W-P-S responds:

I used to be afraid of them but that has changed


2009-09-11 17:13:34

I am scared as hell. I think I got my girlfriend pregnant when we cybersexed with webcam this summer. I say so because she has missed her periods for two months now.
Do you think abortion is bad? We are considering it.

W-P-S responds:

Seeing as all pregnancies caused by cybersex result in unwanted mutations i would indeed suggest abortion, unless you want to become rich by showing off your siamese hydrocephalic offspring at freakshows


2009-09-11 17:22:01

you have nice toes. yes thats my question

W-P-S responds:

I'm quite glad of my toes as well, seeing as some people have an almost non-existing little toe.. that fucken frightens me really


2009-09-11 17:45:45

what's an autodidact?

W-P-S responds:

Autodidacticism is self-education


2009-09-11 18:10:25

Out of all the flash movies you made per se, which one(s) is the most experimental and challenging project to you per se?

(Updated ) W-P-S responds:

Well, in "Waldo's Bogomolistic Exodus" I used diffirent animation techniques.

Pixilation, stop motion, etc.

Everything had to fit together, I had to make sure the elements didnt contrast each other too much.
And well.. making a latex puppet (the harpy) is quite allot of work, she and "pizzaface" are basicly some of the few latex puppets that didnt totally fuck up.
As soon as I got the time and space for it I should try making a latex puppet again.

Anusboy was quite challenging as well I guess
It was quite challenging to make it how I wanted it to be.
But I think I pretty much created the atmosphere that I had in my head.
The thing is, there is a certain soundscape I want the "spirit world" that anusboy enters to have, however I'm not musical and I can not describe this soundscape to others.
So yeh.. sound is quite often a challenge


2009-09-11 18:28:16

It's more of a serious question, but when did you really start to devote yourself to art and animation and how long did it take you until you felt you were good at it?

Also, why was someone in the kitchen with Dinah?

W-P-S responds:

I was pretty much devoted to art as soon as I was born.
I could draw before I could talk actually.
I'm somewhat born for art, atleast that's what it feels like.

Animation is a bit of a diffirent story.
I already wanted to make cartoons as a small lad, i made stuff with sticky notes.
At some point in my life I made stuff with windows movie maker and mspaint.
I made a series with it called "Fat and Ugly", which was about two amoebas, one was called Fat and the other was called Ugly. It was kind of awkward and had allot of spelling mistakes because my English back then was even worse than it is now!
But I kind of lost the Fat and Ugly things I made.. sadly

But when I got flash animation got a lot easier and my animations developed to what they look like today, and I hope they'll develop even more.

Also Dinah was a slut, and loved doing it in the kitchen


2009-09-11 18:46:41

who's your favourite artist

W-P-S responds:

I don't really have one, there are allot of artists who I admire but I dont really have a favourite

Let me just give a list of artists who I admire:
Akseli Gallen-Kallela
Carel Willink
and I can't think of any more atm


2009-09-11 20:20:38

did you have a happy 9/11?

W-P-S responds:

I forgot to celebrate it and I highly regret it


2009-09-11 20:28:34

How many meters are there in a mile?

W-P-S responds:

according to google's calculator:
1 meter = 0.000621371192 mile

you do the rest of the maths


2009-09-11 21:09:16

How you can make art ?

W-P-S responds:

i not know!!


2009-09-11 21:28:18

Pancha plancha con cuatro planchas.

┬┐Con cuantas planchas Pancha plancha?

W-P-S responds:

El mejicano de los hablo da JAJAJAAJAJAJAJAAJAAJAJAAA


2009-09-12 01:37:46

The only reason you want us to ask you questions is so you can claim how smart you are. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but since you say that you are the champion of mortal men, why don't I see much quality in your animations?

W-P-S responds:

Actually, the questions I wanted to answer were personal questions
like "hey man whats yo fav pizza!?!?!!"

If I wanted to impress people with my intellect I'd probably quote the avesta backwards while I write down the number googolplex on a wall

And before I answer your question I want to ask you one:
Do you take everything I say seriously if yes how does this affect your life and carreer?


2009-09-12 04:28:07

i don't have question for you.

W-P-S responds:



2009-09-12 05:00:40

I'm not serious about what you say, but there are conflicting messages. I mean, you frontpage post "INEXPIABLE NEKROTHERIUM KARNIFEX KAUKAZOID KARNAGE", which I have no idea what that means, and frequently continue to mention outer-worldly things, so I am curious to your personality.

W-P-S responds:

-Inexpiable means unforgiveable
-Nekrotherium is the name of my website, its a word i made up which means deathbeast. Necro is Greek for death and Therium is Greek for beast.
-Carnifex is Latin for executioner


also im making perfect sence, always


2009-09-12 06:24:20

do you think hillary duff will ever become a true star

W-P-S responds:



2009-09-13 05:39:41

Have you a beautiful lady-friend?

W-P-S responds:

no never


2009-09-13 06:13:08

Where do I find a prostate-stimulating furby?

W-P-S responds:



2009-09-13 14:26:37

hey man whats yo fav pizza!?!?!!

W-P-S responds:

i dont hav one!!!!

i like pizza hawaii, but i also like pizza with anchovies, but margarita is also very nic


2009-09-13 14:39:53

Hello. My question is as follows; if mankind was created in the image of god, then why would this theistic overlord create primates, animals who clearly looks allot like human beings, ergo god? Is this because primates are also created in the image of god, but only being less sophisticated? Or is this a proof for the non-existence of god?

That brings me to yet another question; theistic individuals claims that without the existence of a god there can not be morals, because god is the creator and personification of moral. Thus all nontheistic people would the immoral. But most non theists are in fact good people, few of them go out killing people just because they aren't theistic. Most people would say that nontheists are moral because of the sake of being good rather than following the rules of a father figure. That brings up the following paradox, is it possible to be moral when the reason for being moral is to get a post-death reward/avoid a post-death punishment?

Regards, Margaret Thatcher

W-P-S responds:

because abrahamism is ass


2009-09-13 18:00:30

I have some important questions that will destroy my life and end my career due to alcoholism if you don't answer them:

1. Did you have a plan for Madness day this year?

2. Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego right this second?

--and lastly--

3. When is a door not a door?

W-P-S responds:

1. no because I don't really give a shit about madness
2. i'll never tell the cops where the body is hidden
3.when it's not a door


2009-09-14 01:35:05

Have you ever had anal sex?

W-P-S responds:

only with mules


2009-09-14 15:28:46

hey can you co-author me on anusboy II I really liked it

W-P-S responds:

fuc u


2009-09-14 15:56:19

Would you like to have a beautiful lady-friend?

W-P-S responds:

Sure would make my life easier
but yeh


2009-09-14 18:35:44

whats your fav dr seuss book

W-P-S responds:

tbh dr seuss isnt really that well known here in the Netherlands.
However, I did read Green Eggs and Ham, which was nice!!!


2009-09-14 20:07:56

Do you think traditional hand drawn animation will ever see the light of day again in western society? Also, what do you think of traditional animation being aided with computers?

W-P-S responds:

If you mean long and popular hand-drawn cartoons like snow white and stuff then I wouldn't know, but there are still some animators who animate on real paper etc. There always will be folk doing that, perhaps not the most famous of folk but still folk.

And I don't really have an opinion on traditional animation being aided with computers, it really depends on what the animation looks like!


2009-09-16 18:35:00

What came first: You or Your first lay?


2009-09-17 20:46:19

I'll miss the furby, but I love the new buttons.
If you could pick one person in the world to dissect a dolphin with, who would it be? And which bit of the dolphin would you keep as memorabilia of the occasion?

W-P-S responds:




2009-09-18 01:29:17

Remember this review?

Worst piece of sh*t i have ever seen.... and i've seen fat_badger....

Your graphics were like a baby scribbled,
Your Style anyone can talk trash, but I mean come on... ur's didn't even say anything... it was like a review that just says U SUCK.... and no reasoning behind it... if your gona burn something burn it good... and use your voice... like me..... talkin about voices
Your Sound was annoying and gayer then that which is truly foamy. He actually speaks, and u just distort... u stupid piece.... (srry i like foamies opinions okay?)
Your violence.... okay there was a little violence...
Your Interactivity... sometimes i give this area extra points... for whether I just liked it or it annoyed me... THIS ANNOYED ME!!! not cool.... nothing i can remember was worth my time... or yours in making it!
Your Humours was bland... and not deep... anyone can make art into nothing... give me art and i'll throw it.... is that humourous... ONLY if you threw it right and it was terrible art...

Isn't all i just said common sense! Well.... yes.... SO USE IT FOR ONCE!

Im not gona write anymore... because i'm getting to pissed off and your kind... u stupid..... no.... i have to stop.....but so do u!!!


Good times, huh?

W-P-S responds:



2009-09-19 15:08:57

1. what is your favorite piece of literature
2. do you believe in life after death
3. what is your favorite ancient egyptian god/goddess
4. how many dicks do you have in your possession

W-P-S responds:

1. some of my favorite pieces of literature include: "Yoko's Anniversary" and "The Island of Dr. Moreau". Next to that I really love mythological epics like the Kalevala and Gilgamesh.
2. I think the corporeal world is already complex enough, it would highly surprise me if there would spiritual worlds or spiritual entities..
3. I haven't read much about ancient Egypt mythology, but from what I've read I think I like Atum the most, because he gave birth to the gods and goddesses by jacking off, atleast, according to the cult of heliopolis.
4. enough to violate the world


2009-09-20 02:14:34

Where would you like the dissection to be held?
What would you do with the jawbone?
What would you wear on the occasion?
What would you use to dissect the dolphin?
If Zalmoxis attempted to solicit sex from you, would you turn him down, allow him to have his way, or toy with him for a bit?
Would you eat a part of the dolphin, and if so how would it be prepared?
Do you feed through your mouth or by other means?
How many legs do you like best on a woman?
What's that behind you?
Where am I?
How do you like your coffee?

W-P-S responds:

1. in a carboniferous swamp
2. crush people's skull with it
3. nothing special
4. hammers
6. grilled
7. every hole in my body might replace the function of my oral cavity, even the holes through which i sweat
8. These
9. questions
10. really
11. suck.
12. Why
13. the
14. hell
15. am
16. I
17. answering
18. them?
19. Fuck
20. this
21. shit.


2009-09-20 10:09:32

why is there a hole in a polo..?
what's the point..?


2009-09-22 08:51:27

Using the information you have supplied I have drawn a picture of you with Zalmoxis dissecting a dolphin with hammers in a carboniferous swamp. It's in the art portal with the tag 'Zalmoxis' if you want to check it out.

Also what was the first thing you licked that you probably shouldn't have?

W-P-S responds:

holy shit
im a centaur

i cant comment on the original work but it is lovely, good job!


2009-09-22 22:20:33

will you make another blek koffi?

W-P-S responds:

well no


2009-09-24 06:21:18

Yeah, why don't you make a comic or animation about why holland rules and belgium drools? although i live in belgium, i stilll like holland a lot more.

W-P-S responds:

i made one long ago but it sucked


2009-09-26 02:45:03

What music are you using in your "kkioumuyr5teeba5v46754n59" showreel? Mainly the rock song.