Entry #115


2017-10-17 08:23:19 by W-P-S


I took a loooooot of photos of my proboscis yeti, for my upcoming flick “SAVAGE DEATH VALLEY”
Is anyone interested in helping me with removing the backgrounds?
Cause it’s gonna be a dickload of work.
I won’t be able to give much in return, but you’ll have your name in the credits.
If you’re interested, please shoot me an e-mail at waldemarschuur@nekrotherium.com
or contact me on discord: nekrotherium#2217

This preview is clearly not high quality, but it’s a nice example of the sequences I shot.

All the photos are in .psd files, let me know if you prefer removing the backgrounds in photoshop or in premiere or in some other fashion


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2017-10-17 08:27:31

Well, are you currently located in Tokyo? If so, I can seriously entertain the possibility, otherwise...

W-P-S responds:

i mean digitally, m8
as in removing, the backgrounds in the photos


2017-10-17 08:35:05

XD Apologies! Let's just say that my job is pretty far removed from animation and art, so the utterly obvious interpretation of the phrase above did not occur to me. Sorry about that!

As for removing the backgrounds, well, I doubt I have the necessary skills to do so, as I've never used Photoshop (or similar) in my life. I assume using a program like that would be necessary, right?

W-P-S responds:

Yes that's definitely the minimum requirement, I'm afraid.


2017-10-17 12:30:50

IM PICKLE RICK! Anyways cool


2017-10-17 15:50:14

You could try using Blender it's free.

Here's a link to a tutorial.

W-P-S responds:

What does blender have to do with anything?
That's a 3D modeling software


2017-10-17 21:44:11

Blender also is a video editor kind of like Windows Movie Maker was, judging by the tutorial I found, it can do tracking and green screen, kind of like Adobe after effects.

W-P-S responds:

Oh yeah, I completely forgot blender has video editing tools goin on.
I'll look into it.
If the chroma key tools are any better than those of premiere I might use it.
Thanks for the suggestion!