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Golfinho steals my shit

2017-04-18 07:44:58 by W-P-S

Hey everyone. I didn’t really want to make this post, I don’t like calling people out on things, but I think you guys oughta know Golfinho has been ripping off me and some other artists (Ansel, Aztraz and Catoblepas)

My good friend Zekey already talked about how Ansel got ripped off by Golfinho here:

Here are some of the things he copied from me, lo and behold:











another thing he drew based on the same scene:


He has been doing this for quite some time, and I already contacted Golfinho before. I asked him to stop this shit, and he hasn’t. It’s a shame because he’s not a bad animator himself and should not have to rely on copying other people’s work.

Thank you for your time, and that would be all.


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2017-04-18 08:37:45

@TurkeyOnAStick Any chance of ban?


2017-04-18 09:30:17

So blatant it's sickening. Would be different if he actually asked permission or cited you as the original artist/animator.



2017-04-18 10:36:15

Man, that sucks. As you said, Golfinho is not a bad animator, and he's made some interesting things in the past. But I can't really say that he's merely being inspired by you and the others, this is pretty blatant copying. Which sucks.


2017-04-18 12:02:55

he fuckin loves your work man
so do i

W-P-S responds:

Well if he didn't like it he wouldn't have plagiarized it.
I asked him to stop it and he didn't stop, so I'm letting people know he steals my shit.


2017-04-18 13:13:33

Wow. Any respect I had for him is now lost. :/ He could create his own content, and yet he pulls this when he has no need to. Hope he gets banned.


2017-04-18 13:52:42

@Troisnyx I can't do anything.

@TomFulp, what do you think about Golfinho doing shot-for-shot copies of other animators from NG past and present?


2017-04-18 14:20:28

@TurkeyOnAStick I PMed W-P-S to discuss it further, in terms of the individual animators having a say in what happens next - if the submissions get notes on them with info about the reference material, or if they get removed, etc... Lots of us are big fans of Golfinho's work so it's disappointing to realize scenes like these were copied.

W-P-S responds:

Heya Tom!
Sent replied to your PM


2017-04-18 16:33:32



2017-04-18 17:17:42

Wow just Wow man, I know if some started reposting my music I would loose my shoot, you get me!


2017-04-18 21:48:36

I could have sworn this was a joke.


2017-04-18 22:12:13

That's crazy :0


2017-04-18 23:08:41

Fuuuuuuuuck, that's pretty unmistakable. What a bummer.


2017-04-18 23:29:03

I used to think Golfinho was your alt account, because his style reminded me of yours uncannily then I found out it wasn't you. I also thought of that movie by Ansel too when I saw his "version". There was always something fishy about this guy I couldn't quite put my finger on it. Hopefully more people call him out on this, it's not cool.


2017-04-19 05:57:06

Huh damn. "The turtle killed the sun" by Golfinho is one of my all-time favourite submissions on NG. He's talented (and fukked up) enough to rely on his own ideas, so it's extra disappointing to see him copy others.


2017-04-19 12:59:34



2017-04-19 13:01:39

Also I subbed to both of you :P


2017-04-20 02:54:19

It's brilliantly fucked up looking nonetheless from you both, but damn. Too bad he can't go all the way fucked up on his own. He needs a fuck buddy to fuck his things up completely and it looks to be you without your consent. Pity. I hope something gets resolved.


2017-04-20 04:56:55

cry more plz

W-P-S responds:

ah, baby's first attempt at trolling


2017-04-20 07:52:00

This is pretty disapointing. If this was done once as an homage i could see... but this is pretty freaking blatant. Like you said with the talent he has why the heck does he feel the need to steal from others. The fact that he kept at it after you asked him to stop is extra disheartning. : \


2017-04-20 12:54:00

Not only is this totally not cool on his part, I just find the whole process way more taxing than just creating his own content and trying to become a better artist on his own merit. It's like trying to become a great scientist by building a time machine, going back in time and killing Newton and stealing his ideas instead of just going out and discovering stuff on your own. Weird.


2017-09-23 01:30:07

Catoblepas side-by-side comparison?


2017-09-25 02:42:52

Hm, never even saw those particular Flashes.

I wonder if he's just doing this now to see what he could get away with and how long he could get away with it.

I guess it just goes to show: You can take the BR out of BR, but you can't BR BR BR hueheuheuheuheuheuheuhe