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Going to Annecy + More updates

Posted by W-P-S - April 23rd, 2023

Hey everyone!

I made a few nasty, dirty animations for a collaboration called MONSTERFUCKERS organized by @o.g_parshedona

produced by @tohu_collective

And the great news is, it's gonna premiere at the animation film festival in Annecy! @annecyfestival


It will be the first time anything I've made is screened there, so I'm very excited!

I will be attending the festival personally so if you're there, hit me up!


In other news, I've been learning front-end-development!

I already got a nice grip on html and css, and now I'm working on javascript.

I'm doing it mostly for new career opportunities but I might try and program my own game someday, who knows!


I've had to deal with a very stressful kitchen renovation (and some other personal issues), to the point that it gave me massive heart palpitations and an identity crisis. At some point I even thought I got a heart attack and called an ambulance.

It was just stress luckily.

To lift myself up again, I made some 3D hybrid sketches which were very therapeutic to make:

After that I think I recovered what's left of my self-esteem, and I'm now back in the saddle!

I know I am not always very active, and don't interact with my fans enough, but I still wanted to let you know I appreciate you.

Thanks for all the support throughout the years!

Even back when I was a brat, lol.

And thank you, Newgrounds! 👍




Been enjoying your hybrid sketches and that's great news about the upcoming screening and web dev progress! Hope your kitchen is doing better.

Thanks Tom! The kitchen will look great, despite all the things that went wrong.
A central heating pipe broke while it was still cold outside, and the water damage destroyed the floors.
But most of that is fixed now.

Congrats man. Love seeing all of the cool hybrid artwork you make. I really don't see anything else quite like it.

Eyyy thanks man!

Any updates on your Smugglers of Ambektra animation? Really looking forward to that one.

Hey, sorry to dissapoint you, I tend to come up with these highly detailed ideas only to abandon them for a new idea. It's kind of my process for finding the best idea when making a big solo project.

Savage Death Valley took at least 4 years to make so to ensure dedication I must be 100% on board with the idea, and Smugglers of Ambektra just didn't make it.

At the time of sharing my work on Smugglers of Ambektra I was convinced it would be my next new project, but I'll try not to share ideas unless they're about halfway done next time.

Hey, I've always held you as one of my favorite Newgrounds guys over the years, I used to doodle Anusboy on my school desk, and I'm always freaked out by your stopmotion aberrations and I think it's pretty absurd that you feel like you have to "recover your self esteem". Sorry if I sound like an ass, I'm saying that in the sense that you should hold yourself at a higher place, you're an amazing artist and an inspiration across the world, you do grose artwork that is beautifully ugly.

It's awesome to hear that your work is being screened, I wish I can see something by you screened over here someday... and your 3d hybrid sketches are cool as fuck. bless you