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Posted by W-P-S - July 6th, 2020

Hey everyone!

I'm looking for fellow animators/visual artists to collaborate with!

If you dig my work, and think we can make great things together, let me know!

2D, 3D, stop motion, whatever style, all welcome

I just wanna make a few small collabs to meet new people and see if we click as creators.

The goal of this is to eventually shape an animation team so we can make big ass animation projects in the future!

But for now, I just want to test the waters and all that.

Last year I finished a 23 minute film called Savage Death Valley, in which I did at least 90% of the work.

I think that is as far as I can go on my own, yet I want to make things even bigger and better than SDV.

So if you think we can mean something to each other, hit me up!

You can contact me on social media, or e-mail me at




Comments (5)

I love your works Savage Death Valley, Junk City and Anusboy. I'm pretty new to Newgrounds so there aren't many movies I've done yet but if I can suggest you to watch one of them to know if we would click I would suggest Fat and Musky. I like to collaborate with artists whose works I'm a fan of and I'm on this website for hours everyday so if you think there is potential we can talk and I'd love to make some cartoons together!

Sent you a pm!

Would there be pay?

The collabs will be pro-bono, just for fun, just to see if there's a click.
If I got a nice team of animators I might try and finance a big animation project, but that depends on what the future will bring.

@OrganizedApeShape @W-P-S Flosc! I think we would functional system good together, But I wouldn't be able to make stuff without getting paid ATM. If you manage to get together a remote studio situation or whatever, Would you be down to keep me in mind for work on your future projects?

I'd freakin' love to work on something with you dude! Savage Death Valley is one of the best cartoons I've seen on this website and maybe up there as one of my favorite animated films in general!
I'm sure if we put our heads together we could come up with some pretty cool cartoons!!!

Been a fan for years (Anusboy and Blek Koffi were some of my favorite cartoons back in the day). I think you work is fantastic and would love the chance to work on a project of yours. Only thing that makes me slightly hesitate is that I wouldn't want to hinder your art style and vision with limitations on my end as I'm still improving overall. But if any opportunities come up that seem like they would be a good fit for me then I'd love to give it a shot.